The FALCON project envisions to provide a framework to enable the realization of new products and value-adding services, resulting from user-experiences and product and related services usage; undertaken with the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. FALCON will create impact through the following objectives:

  1. Addressing product-service information collection through Collaborative Intelligence and Product Embedded Information Devices
  2. Enabling product-service knowledge representation, exploitation, openness and diffusion
  3. Strengthening collaborative new product-service development processes through new feedback and feedforward mechanisms
  4. Supporting innovative product-service design using manufacturing intelligence
  5. Improving product-service lifecycle assessment approaches

FALCON will develop a Virtual Open Platform (VOP) to seamlessly connect product-service usage information to design and development processes. The VOP will facilitate:


Virtual Open Platform

  1. Gathering customer feedback though social media
  2. Collecting usage information through Product Embedded Information Devices (e.g. sensors, embedded systems)
  3. Comprehensive processing of the collec­ted data and customer feedback
  4. Deployment of identified information in the product-service development phase

The FALCON project is driven by a consortium of highly recognized researchers (BIBA, EPFL, TU Delft ), experienced solution providers (UBITECH, Holonix, Softeco, i-Deal) and industrial companies (Arcelik, Philipps, Dena Cashmere, DATAPIXEL) as well as consulting companies (Mews Partners, Isadeus).